Fitness Tech: LIZ Black 350ml Smart Bottle

Fitness Tech: LIZ Black 350ml Smart Bottle

We’ve just release our brand new Smart Bottle: LIZ Black 350ml. A Smart Bottle that the community was waiting for so long. They asked for it, We made it happen.

After a year highlighting our range of Smart Bottle (Red, Black and White in 480ml & Pink, Blue and White in 350ml) we felt the need from you guys to find the black version in the 350ml range. Since the demand was more and more present, we made it happen!

This new LIZ Black 350ml offers high-end features that you can bring with you anywhere!

As usual, the lid is still Smart Touch Responsive and will give you water & bottle UV Sterilization, Hydration Reminders, Temperature Range LED Indicator, Low Battery Warning and of course a Lid opening detector to automatically stop the UV for security.

For the design aspect, LIZ Black 350ml is still made of a Vacuum Insulated 316 Stainless Steel Bottle mixed with a Food Grade BPA Free Plastic anti leak Lid. It will keep your beverage Hot or Cold from 12 to 24h and it will also fit your standard cup holders. For a 194x74mm minimalist smart product that weighs 270g: you’ll be able to drink safely in every situation.

“LIZ Black 350ml continues to provide magical experiences for a growing community. Looking for a more minimalist look, this new color will make LIZ blend into every style, every sport, every situation. It is the absolute best device to stay hydrated without having to think about the bacteria and viruses inside the bottle!” said Arnaud, NOERDEN’s Brand Manager.

The new LIZ Black 350ml is available at $69 on, amazon, and also through NOERDEN Authorized Resellers!

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