Tips: Build a Smartwatch in 8 Steps

Ever wonder how smartwatches are made? Last week, we visited our watch Factory in Shenzhen, China and we got the chance to see our smartwatches assembled first-hand!

We thought we’d share the journey each of our smartwatches takes from start to completion, so you can uncover the secrets of the smartwatch process for yourself!

We’ll walk you through the eight key steps and show you exactly how NOERDEN wearable technology is assembled!

But first let’s fresh up on our watch diction. Below are the 13 unique watch components that go into making every NOERDEN smartwatch!

Step 1. Smart Technology Testing

While traditional watch design centers around a watch’s working mechanism, two rotating hands which tell time, our watches use smart technology as the base of their design.

Our smartwatches use firmware (software) which makes their design intelligent: able to track your steps, monitor your sleep and much more.

So, the first step when making a NOERDEN watch is to use the “MOVT” (movement) testing machine. This ensures the firmware is working precisely.

Step 2. Dimension Measuring

Next our team measures each watches’ components. They must establish that each piece has the exact dimensions specified in our technical drawings.

Step 3. Case Construction

The next step calls for a costume change! Our team put on hair nets, gloves, and white suits before going through an anti-dust machine. You see, when assembling a watch’s case, dust is a smartwatch’s worst enemy!

In this step, the watches’ cases are constructed by placing together the battery, MOVT, dial, and hands. They use a specialized air pressure machine to remove any hide-away dust and then the case is sealed shut!

Step 4. APP Connectivity

Step four is when our smart watches become truly connected devices! Each watch is tested to make sure it can connect to our NOERDEN App for activity tracking, sleep monitoring and other smart functionalities!

After the connection is made, the watches are all set to 12:00. Then they let the watches rest for 48 hours on each side to make sure gravity doesn’t interfere with each watch’s time setting.

Step 5. Waterproof Test

For our watches to be wearable activity and vacation essentials, they must be waterproof! In this step, their swimming abilities are tested first by a pressure tester (to make sure they can withstand underwater conditions) and second by a special air leakage machine (to make sure no water sneaks into the watch’s case!). After this stage, all our watches are pool party ready!

Step 6. Quality Control

Next is the fun part! The watch cases are placed inside a vibration machine, similar to a mini-earthquake simulator. The vibration test ensures that the inner-workings of the watch will stay put during the active lifestyle of its future owner.

After that, a few unlucky watches must fight for their lives during a drop test! A small percentage of the watches are dropped from 1 meter to test the product’s robustness and ensure that the average watch can survive a little free falling! Life can be unpredictable, so our watches need to be ready for any adventure you take them on!

Step 7. Band Elasticity Test

After taking a nose dive in the name of quality control, bands are finally added to each watches’ case via the lug ends. They’re then tested on an elasticity machine. It stretches and pulls the bands, guaranteeing each bands’ elasticity and durability for long-term usage.

Step 8. Packaging

Finally, the watches are delicately cleaned while the quality of each watch is carefully inspected. For the very last step, the watches a placed into their NOERDEN packaging and shipped all over the world!

So now you know how much effort goes into building the perfect smartwatch!

At NOERDEN, we value quality above all else. We implement the most modern quality controls in our watch factory to meet international standards.

Next time you look at your NOERDEN smartwatch, try to remember all the little interconnected pieces which make up the incredible machine on your wrist! 

Thank you for joining us on our watch factory journey, we hope you learned something new!

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