Easy & User Friendly


Free iOS app

Available on iOS
and coming soon to Android 


Plan your workouts

Schedule and perform
workouts with friends over video call


Apple Health

Sync all your data
and follow your progress with bim

Be Motivated to Workout

Workout with your friends, coaches or community

Workout with your Friends, Coaches or Community

✓ Create a group with friends
✓ Chat with them
✓ Schedule your trainings together
✓ Video call and keep motivated

Discover andCreate your Own Workouts

Discover and Create your Own Workouts

✓Discover routines for your needs
✓ Follow a 4-weeks program
✓ Create your own workout with +160 exercises
✓ See the routines created by your friends

Track Your Workouts and Unlock Badges

Track Your Workouts and Unlock Badges

✓ Set your weekly goal
✓ Track your week and month activity
✓ Reach objectives and unlock badges
✓ See a ranking of your friends

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