We are a French tech fitness brand dedicated to making smart living accessible to all.

We understand that your wellness journey is unique, and we've designed all our products with three core principles in mind: 

  • Affordability

  • Quality

  • Design

These aspects are at the heart of everything we create, ensuring that each product we offer embodies our commitment to providing you with the tools to reach your wellness goals and become your best self 🚀

Data Privacy: all data gathered from our smart devices is securely stored on our servers in France. It is important to know that we do not share or sell your data to third parties. Your privacy is not just a priority, it's a fundamental principle.

    Our Global Presence

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    • Open space bright environment with wooden desks and a fake olive tree with a white monkey lamp holder


    • Lounge open space with wooden floor and large windows with view of Marina Bay Sand


    • Lounge environment with sofas and chairs, large windows with view on the city's skyscrapers