Body Composition

Body Composition: What Is It Exactly?

Body Composition: What Is It Exactly?

Smart Body Scale: Understand Your Body Composition!

Your body composition or biometrics is something all secretly want to know (especially after holidays), but is often difficult to understand. Follow us in this article in which we explain all these data!

You have just purchased a smart body scale, the batteries have been installed and all you have to do is step on it. Done. Thanks to the Bio Impedance Technology, an analysis of your body biometrics will be carried out and the measurements are sent to your smartphone: ouch, this is where it all gets tough!


The Weight (not to be confused with the MASS that’s a measure of the inertia of an object) is THE FORCE that pulls objects (like your body) toward the center of the Earth. 

Basically: Weight = Mass x g (the gravity’s intensity)

This is why two people can be at the same height and weight while looking totally different!

Let’s talk about Body Fat:

Body Fat includes all the cells that make up fat in your body. A large majority of you guys will be seeking to eliminate this data!

Warning: keep in mind that Body Fat remains essential for the good functioning of the body. We can say that it is the natural "inexhaustible" energy reserve that your body will use during low-intensity efforts as well as during the post-workout recovery period.

Lean Body Mass:

Lean Body Mass is your total body Weight minus Fat Mass.

In short: Lean Body Mass = Total Weight – Body Fat

This includes: organs, skin, bones, water as well as muscle mass.


For those who did not take physics / chemistry lessons: know that nearly 60% of the human body is made of water (a 70kg person, for example, is made of 42 liters of water!)

Thanks to your smart body scale, you will be able to follow the evolution of the water in your body and know if there is enough to meet all your needs! For those who don’t see the hydration % that they’d like: rest assured, we have an article on “The Best Way to Hydrate” just for you!

Bone Mass:

No, your bones will not grow bigger or melt overnight! However, it is important to follow the evolution of your Bone Mass over a long period in order to detect any abnormalities (especially if you are athletic!)

Visceral Fat:

The level of Visceral Fat corresponds to the fat located DEEP in the abdominal area. If this level is high: this is when the "love handles" or “dad bod” starts!

Why should you keep an eye on it? It will make it easier to monitor possible problems (high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) and also to know if your workouts, your diet, are bearing fruit.


This is a general health indicator. At school, you were probably told that if your BMI is good, then you are healthy. With the data provided by your smart body scale, you now understand that this is not necessarily true! Nevertheless, having the information is always a good thing to keep and track.


Basal Metabolic Rate is an estimate of your MINIMUM daily calorie requirement to allow your body to SURVIVE.

If your BMR is low: don't hesitate to eat more protein and reduce your sugar intake. Basically, pay attention to your diet!

Metabolic Age:

Le Metabolic Age is calculated comparing your BMR to the average BMR of your chronological age group.

If you are younger: bravo! If you're older: it's time to add more intensity to your workouts!

Now you know everything! The body composition shared by your smart body scale will hold no secrets for you!

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