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Smart Body Scale: Pros & Cons

Smart Body Scale: Pros & Cons

Smart body scales can be your worst nightmare or it can be your best partner to reach your body goal! Here’re the pros and cons you need to know before buying one:

Flat stomach or gaining lean body mass, tracking your body composition to reach your body goal is important. Body scales can definitely be your best companion to keep you involved in your fitness journey! Learn everything you need to know before buying your smart body scale: 



Yes, you’ll require batteries to run your smart body scale. The good news here is that these batteries barely ever need to be changed.


Smart body scales are usually more expensive than analog scales, but look at all the features you have under your feet, not to mention the graphs and data tracking so you can see your progress over the long term!



Like we just said: look at all the features you have under your feet! If you look at SENSORI, it provides you with 10 data types and syncs automatically to your app! Crazy right? 


You can rely on the data your smart body scale will give you! No more wondering about your body composition any longer. 

Easy to use: 

Not much to say here! You jump on and jump off, all the data are measured and sync up to your account (check out our app : graphics and body composition data are presented wonderfully!)


Look at how beautiful MINIMI and SENSORI are. They’ll fit in nicely to give your home a new tech edge.

Smart body scales are fantastic and know more about your body than you. But don’t forget : the scale can’t measure happiness, that’s up to you! ☺ 


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