Everything you need to know about LIZ Smart Water Bottle

Everything you need to know about LIZ Smart Water Bottle

LIZ is a new generation self-cleaning smart bottle with water sterilization and hydration reminders!

LIZ is your best hydration companion and will upgrade your hydration game. 

How will LIZ change your life?

Self-Cleaning on-the-go

Most traditional bottles contain more germs than a dog toy! On the other hand, LIZ destroys 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria in under 5 minutes with a built-in UV-C sterilization system. LIZ’s plastic smart lid is also BPA-free because chemicals don’t belong in your water nor bottle. So, stay safe with LIZ!

Your Clean Living Companion

A healthy adult body requires 1,500-2,000 ml of water every day. That’s 3-4 entire LIZ bottles! Proper hydration improves energy, promotes weight loss, enhances sleep duration, and of course, keeps you alive! LIZ reminds you to stay healthy with hydration reminders every 2h. LIZ is always ready to go, from the office to the gym, thanks to its anti-leak lid and light stainless-steel body.

Join the Reusable Revolution!

As more and more cities and countries ban plastic bags and single-use plastic bottles, LIZ is a reusable solution for environmentally conscious consumers. LIZ is made from high-quality materials including vacuum insulated 316 (Surgical Grade) stainless steel and a rechargeable lithium 6-month battery to guarantee long-term satisfaction and usage. 

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