LIZ Smart Bottle: UV Sterilization (Video Test)

LIZ Smart Bottle: UV Sterilization (Video Test)

UV sterilization is taking place more frequently in our daily lives. From bottles to lamps, this function which has more often been seen in series and films is now at your doorstep! Lets test LIZ's UV sterilization to see how effective it really is!

Recently, we explained to you what UV Sterilization was (if you still haven't read it yet: take a break now and go read it :)). Following this article, we had feedbacks from you guys:

"How can it destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria? I don’t believe it!”

Yes, you have the right to not believe in this "witchcraft!" 

"Who tells us it's true? "

Well... Us?

As our Boss would say, "Actions speak louder than words!"

So we thought that a video from our labs would finally put an end to the doubts over LIZ's UV Sterilization! No cuts, a little bit of editing, no bullsh*t!


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