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How to Choose Your First Intimate Accessory?

How to Choose Your First Intimate Accessory?

You've decided to take care of your intimate well-being but don't know where to start? Don't panic, we're here to help!
Here are some practical tips for choosing your first intimate accessory.

1. Know your body: Before diving into the search for the perfect sextoy, take the time to get to know your erogenous zones and what brings you pleasure. This intimate exploration can contribute to your emotional and physical well-being by helping you better understand your body and your needs. And if you're not sure, don't worry!

2. Keep it simple: Avoid being tempted by sextoys with too many options. Prioritize an accessory that is easy to use, with intuitive buttons and a few intensity levels.

3. Safety first: Make sure the accessory you choose is made from body-safe materials (like Glow). Avoid cheap products of dubious quality and opt for materials like medical-grade silicone or tempered glass.

3. Size and shape: Choose a small model with a design that appeals to you and won't intimidate you. Choose something that attracts you and makes you want to use it.

Beyond simple physical satisfaction, your intimate well-being also involves finding pleasure and relaxation, which contributes to an overall sense of well-being. Remember that taking care of yourself is a top priority.

Take the time to pamper yourself and enjoy!

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